January 4, 2005

JANUARY 4, 2005 – 7:00 PM


  1. Call to order by theCountyClerk, Wayne Jagow, chairman pro temp. 
  2. Roll Call by the Clerk of the Legislature. 
  3. Prayer and pledge of allegiance. 
  4. Election of temporary Chairman of Legislature, nomination, move nomination closed, vote. 
  5. Election ofChairman of Legislature (pursuant to Section 450 of theCountyLaw), nomination, move nominations closed; vote on Chairman of Legislature. 
  6. Temporary Chairman declares ______________ Chairman and appoints escorts. 
  7. Chairman of Legislature is escorted to the podium to present the “State of the County” address. 
  8. Chairman to designate a Legislator to serve as Vice-Chairman. 
  9. Announcement of Majority Leader, 1stDeputy Majority Leader and 2ndDeputy Majority Leader. 
  10. Announcement of Minority Leader, 1stDeputy Minority Leader and 2ndDeputy Minority Leader
  11. Motion for designation of dates and times for which the Niagara County Legislature shall convene and conduct business. 
  12. Motion for designation of official newspapers. 
  13. Motion for the Chairman of the Legislature to be designated to serve on the Niagara County Jury Board.(Pursuant to Section 503 of the Judiciary Law) and that a certified copy of this designation be filed by the Clerk of the Legislature in the Niagara County Clerk's Office. 
  14. Consideration of Standing Committees and membership. 
  15. Recess. 
  16. Communications. 
  17. Resolutions. 
  18. Appointments. 
  19. Adjournment. 

Michael P. Carney, Clerk