January 18, 2005

JANUARY 18, 2005 – 7:00 P.M.

Resolutions not on 12/07/04 agenda: 
AD-080-04 - Administration, re extended Military Leave Policy for Reservists January 1, 2005-December 31, 2005. Approved 
AD-081-04 - Administration, re Property/Boiler & Machinery coverages for fiscal year 2005–Risk Mgmt. Approved 
AD-082-04 - Administration, re adoption for 2005 Assessment roll & budget-Water District. Approved 
AD-083-04 - Administration, re adoption for 2005 Assessment roll & budget-Sewer District. Approved 
AD-084-04 - Administration, re adoption for 2005 Assessment roll & budget-Refuse Disposal District. Approved 
- Administration, re authorization for Co Mgr & the Budget Dir to make changes to budget. Approved 
AD-086-04 - Administration, re adoption of 2005 budget. Approved 
AD-087-04 - Administration, re levying of taxes. Approved 
AD-088-04 - Administration, re approval of tax rolls. Approved 
CS-077-04 - Community Services & Administration, re reject proposal for purchase of Mt View Health Facility. Approved 
CS-078-04 - Community Services & Administration, re reissue request for proposal for purchase of Mt View Health Facility. Approved 
CS-079-04 - Community Services & Administration, re line item transfers-Mt View Health Facility. Approved 
CS-080-04 - Community Services & Administration, re NY State Aid application - Youth Bureau. Approved 
CS-081-04 - Community Services & Administration, re DCJS Youth Ct Renewal 2004-2005–Youth Bur. Approved 
  -Community Safety/Security, renewal of Court Security contracts – Sheriff. Approved 
CSS-058-04 - Community Safety/ Security, re agreement with Oneida Co to provide psychiatric care to Niagara Co Jail inmates- Sheriff. Approved 
CSS-059-04 - Community Safety/Security, re grant acceptance – K-9 Unit – Sheriff. Approved 
CSS-060-04 - Community Safety/Security, re renewal of Domestic Violence Grant – Sheriff. Approved 
IL-054-04 - Leg Simonson & Administration, re approval of Capital Projects – NCCC. Approved 
PW-098-04 - Public Works & Administration, re approval of Capital Projects. Approved 
PW-099-04 - Public Works & Administration, re acceptance of contract for gutter repair & exterior painting at Courthouse. Approved 
PW-100-04 - Public Works & Administration, re sale of surplus property onDavison Rdto Waterford Estates. Approved 
PW-101-04 - Public Works & Administration, re sale of surplus property on Davison Rd to Joseph M. Loiacano, Thomas W Cleary & David Mellor. Approved 

Resolution not on the 01/04/05 agenda: 
CW-001-05 - Committee of the Whole, re authorizing the issuance Of $2,905,478 serial bonds of the Co of Niagara, NY, to pay the County’s share of the cost of a Tax Certiorari Judgment in the matter of New York State Electric & Gas Corporation vs. Town of Somerset. Approved 

Regular Meeting – January 18, 2005 

AD-002-05 - Administration, re purchase of In Rem Property – Treasurer 
AD-003-05 - Administration, re execution of Quit Claim Deeds – Treasurer 
CSS-001-05 - Community Safety/Security & Administration, re position appointment-Provisional Director of Probation 
IL-001-05 - Leg Smolinski, re NCCC contracts 
IL-002-05 - Leg Needler, re Niagara Power Coalition Relicensing effort 
IL-003-05 - Legs Simonson, Burmaster & Administration, re Niagara Co retains expert legal counsel to obtain party status in the siting/permitting process for any hazardous waste landfilling in Niagara Co, for the purposes of protecting the health, safety and well-being of the County’s residents and to promote environmental justice 
IL-004-05 - Leg Updegrove, re authorization to commence action for equitable distribution of casino revenues 
IL-005-05 - Leg Cuddahee, et al, re retention of NCCC’sNiagara FallsExtensionCenter 

Michael P. Carney, Clerk 

* Indicates Preferred Agenda items 
Attachments for resolutions may be obtained in the office of the Clerk of the Legislature upon request. 

The next meeting of the Legislature will be held on February 2, 2005.