February 2, 2005

FEBRUARY 2, 2005 – 7:00 P.M.

Resolution not on previous agenda: 
PW-001-05 - Public Works & Administration, re approval of lease agreement between the Co of Niagara & Paula Smallman re the Restaurant Concession at the Niagara Co Golf Course, Lockport, NY. Approved 

Regular Meeting – February 2, 2005 
AD-001-05 - Administration, re Niagara County Budget Process reform - Budget 
*AD-004-05 - Administration, re authorization For Real Property Tax Refunds/Corrections - 2005 
AD-005-05 -
 Administration, re part time attorneys benefits 
*AD-006-05 - Administration, reCountyTreasurerannual tax retention fee 
*AD-007-05 -
 Administration, re Deferred Compensation Committee Resolution to amend and restate the model plan 
AD-008-05 - Administration, re continuation ofCountyAttorney’s Additional Responsibilities for MUSIP Withdrawal Liability Claims Settlement Negotiations and Litigation with Continuing Stipend 
ED-001-05 - Economic Development & Administration, re authorization for Agreement between the County of Niagara and Hyjek & Fix, Inc. for Consulting Services in regard to the Niagara Falls Airbase 
IL-004-05 - Leg. Updegrove & Economic Development, re authorization to commence action for equitable distribution of Casino Revenues 
IL-006-05 - Leg. Aronow, reNiagaraPower Coalition Relicensing Effort 
IL-007-05 - Leg. Davignon, re renovation of existing structure and addition of cottages at the Mt.View 

*PW-004-05 - Public Works & Administration, reDPW Highwayexpenditure ofCounty Roadfund monies 
*PW-005-05 - Public Works & Administration, re budget mod. public safety training center/communication center 
PW-006-05 - Public Works & Administration, re general contract for locker room renovation Phase III at NCCC Change Order No. 1 
*PW-007-05 - Public Works, re card swipe policy forNiagaraCounty 
*PW-008-05 -
 Public Works & Administration, re authorization to pursue legal action against Universal Builders re. Roof repair atBondLakePark 
*PW-009-05 - Public Works & Administration, re budget modification – Parks Department 
Michael P. Carney, Clerk 
* Indicates Preferred Agenda items 
Attachments for resolutions may be obtained in the office of the Clerk of the Legislature upon request. 

The next meeting of the Legislature will be held on February 15, 2005