April 5, 2005

APRIL 5, 2005 – 7:00 PM

Resolution not on previous agenda: 
IL-018-05 - Leg O’Connor, et al, re requesting National Fuel to attend the April 5, 2005 meeting of the Niagara County Legislature. Approved 
IL-019-05 - Leg O’Connor, et al, re requesting the NYS Public Service Commission conduct a public hearing in Niagara Co re a proposed delivery rate increase by National Fuel Gas. Approved 

Regular Meeting – April 5, 2005 
*AD-015-05 - Administration, re Real Property Tax Corrections/Cancellations NO. COE-05B – Real Property 
AD-016-05 - Administration, re resolution authorizing the issuance of $11,589,772 serial bonds of the Co of Niagara, NY, to pay the cost of various capital projects at and for theNiagaraCountyCommunity Collegein and for said County 
CSS-017-05 - Community Safety/Security & Administration, re reclassification of Account Clerical III to Clerical III – Sheriff 
*CSS-018-05 - Community Safety/Security & Administration, re appropriation of Operation Impact Program Grant – DA 
*CSS-019-05 - Community Safety/Security & Administration, re Motor Vehicle Theft & Insurance Fraud Prevention budget modification – DA 
*ED-003-05 - Economic Development, re resolution in support of the Erie Niagara Regional Partnership 
*ED-004-05 - Economic Development & Administration, re budget modification-reappropriate grant funds Brownfields Project 
*ED-005-05 - Economic Development, re resolution to petition the NYS Commissioner of Agriculture to postpone the review of Niagara Co Agricultural District #9 
IL-004-05 - Leg Updegrove & Economic Development, re authorization to commence action for equitable distribution of casino revenues 
IL-011-05 - Leg Virtuoso, et al & Economic Development, re public speaking policy for the NCIDA 
IL-012-05 - Leg Kimble & Economic Development, re International Trade Deficit resolution 
IL-017-05 - Leg O’Connor, et al & Administration, re resolution approving the engagement of Kirby, McInerney & Squire, LLP for purposes of representation of Niagara Co in Medicaid pharmaceutical litigation 
IL-020-05 -
 Leg Virtuoso, et al, re transfer cost of elective cosmetic surgery to other budget lines 
IL-021-05 - Leg Virtuoso, et al, re no sick days for elective cosmetic surgery 
*PW-020-05 - Public Works, re resolution approving lease agreement between the Co of Niagara as landlord and Gerald P. Helmich as tenant – Parks 
*PW-021-05 - Public Works, re approval of agreement between the Co ofNiagara& the Niagara Celtic Heritage Society – Parks 
*PW-022-05 -
 Public Works & Administration, re abolish & create seasonal positions – Parks 
*PW-023-05 - Public Works, re approval of agreement between the Co of Niagara and the Newfane Soccer Club -Parks 
PW-024-05 - Public Works, re approval of agreement between the Co of Niagara and D&S Productions for the Olcott Bike Rally – Parks 
PW-025-05 - Public Works & Administration, re electric contract for Locker Room Alterations Phase III at NCCC –change order no. 1 
PW-026-05 - Public Works & Administration, re award contract for NCCC Bldg “H” restoration 
- Public Works & Administration, re transfer of funds-tobacco settlement appropriations 
*PW-028-05 - Public Works, re bid award for highway materials 
*PW-029-05 - Public Works, re award of contract for County road painting & striping 
*PW-030-05 - Public Works, re award of contract for control of roadside vegetation 
*PW-031-05 - Public Works & Administration, re retention reduction forBeebe Rdreconstruction 

Michael P. Carney, Clerk 

* Indicates Preferred Agenda items  

Attachments for resolutions may be obtained in the office of the Clerk of the Legislature upon request. 

The next meeting of the Legislature will be held on April 19, 2005.