Niagara County - Niagara Falls

October 5, 2004

OCTOBER 5, 2004 – 7:00 P.M.

Resolution not on previous agenda:

IL-045-04 - Leg Davignon & Community Services, re establishing a policy on pest management and control. Approved 
Regular Meeting – October 5, 2004

CS-050-04 - Community Services & Administration, re create & fill Micro Computer Coord. position-Social Services 
*CS-051-04 - Community Services & Administration, re budget modification-Environmental Health – Health 
*CS-052-04 - Community Services & Administration, re budget modification-acceptance of grant-Public Health Nursing – Health 
*CS-053-04 -
 Community Services & Administration, re budget modification-Healthy Neighborhoods Grant – Health 
*CS-055-04 - Community Services & Administration, re line item transfer-Healthy Neighborhoods Grant – Health 
CS-056-04 - Community Services & Administration, re budget modification-Mental Health agencies – Mental Health 
CS-057-04 - Community Services & Administration, re budget transfer-A4310 Court ordered County mandated costs – Mental Health 
CS-058-04 - Community Services & Administration, re abolish/create/fill positions within Social Services 
*CSS-036-04 - Community Safety/Security & Administration, re additional 2003 Pre-trial services funding – Probation 
*ED-014-04 - Economic Development & Administration, re authorization for Niagara Co to cover reimbursable expenditures incurred as a result of developing a Niagara Strategic Brownfields Waterfront Plan 
*ED-015-04 - Economic Development, re inclusion of tax parcel SBL#149.03-1-10 in Agricultural District #7 
IL-040-04 - Legs Sklarski, Cuddahee & Community Services, re creation of a task force on Aging services 
IL-043-04 - Leg Sklarski & Administration, re Insurance, Risk Management & Employee Benefit Admin services 
IL-046-04 - Leg Davignon, re support of Assembly bill A10124 & Senate bill S5854 amending Social Services Law, in relation to state reimbursement for care, treatment, maintenance & nursing services in nursing homes 
PW-072-04 - Public Works & Administration, re Park renovations-increase capital authorization-Bond Lake Warming House roof repairs 
*PW-073-04 - Public Works & Administration, re line item transfer – Parks 
*PW-074-04 - Public Works & Administration, re budget modification-County snow removal-Town Payments 
PW-075-04 - Public Works & Administration, re increase appropriation-highway gasoline account, DM5130.74995 
PW-076-04 - Public Works & Administration, re transfer of funds-tobacco settlement appropriations 
* Indicates Preferred Agenda items

Attachments for resolutions may be obtained in the office of the Clerk of the Legislature upon request.

The next meeting of the Legislature will be held on October 19, 2004.