Niagara County - Niagara Falls

June 1, 2004

JUNE 1, 2004 – 7:00 P.M. 

Resolution not on previous agenda:

CSS-023-04 - Community Safety/Security, re acceptance of Homeland Security Federal Program Grant- HSFP. Approved 
Regular Meeting – June 1, 2004

*AD-033-04 - Administration, re real property tax corrections/cancellations NO. COE-04A – Real Property 
- Administration, re distribution of mortgage tax – Treasurer 
*AD-035-04 - Administration, re line item transfer – Human Resources 
*AD-036-04 - Administration, re renewal of contract with WNY Occupational Medicine, P.C. – Human Resources 
AD-037-04 - Administration, re Broker of Record-Health Care 
CS-021-04 - Community Services & Administration, re abolish, create & fill-Community Health Nurse – Health 
*CS-029-04 - Community Services & Administration, re non-secure detention prevention – Social Services 
CSS-024-04 - Community Safety/Security & Administration, re creation of positions – Public Defender 
IL-025-04 - Legs Andrews, Sklarski & Administration, re Kids Voting USA Western New York 
IL-027-04 - Leg Apolito & Administration, re proposal to amend health care coverage offered to part-time Niagara Co Attys 
IL-031-04 - Legs Meal, Burmaster & Administration, re creation of position-Conflicts Office Administrator – Public Defender 
*PW-042-04 - Public Works & Administration, re 2004 Household Hazardous Waste Clean Up Events contract for Niagara Co Refuse Disposal District 
PW-043-04 - Public Works & Administration, re restoration of NF & NT Fire Training Towers Consultant Amendment No. 1 
PW-044-04 - Public Works & Administration, re transfer of tobacco settlement appropriations 
PW-045-04 - Public Works & Administration, re Cambria Kitchen Site, 3857 Eagle Dr., Sanborn, NY 
PW-046-04 - Public Works, re award general contract for Gymnasium Renovations Phase 2 at NCCC 
PW-047-04 - Public Works, re award electric contract for Gymnasium Renovations Phase 2 at NCCC 
*PW-048-04 - Public Works, re approval of agreement between the Co of Niagara & the Olcott Fire Co 
*PW-049-04 -
 Public Works, re approval of agreement between the Co of Niagara & the Royalton 4th of July Committee 
- Public Works, re approval of agreement between the Co of Niagara & the Bond Lake Athletic Club 
- Public Works & Administration, re a resolution approving an increase & improvement of the facilities of Niagara Co Sewer District No 1 after receiving certificate of the State Comptroller consenting to proposed increase & improvement of facilities 

* Indicates Preferred Agenda items
  Attachments for resolutions may be obtained in the office of the Clerk of the Legislature upon request.

The next meeting of the Legislature will be held on June 15, 2004.