Niagara County - Niagara Falls

February 3, 2004

FEBRUARY 03, 2004 – 7:00 P.M.

AD-001-04 - Administration, re line item transfer-Special Litigations – Co Attorney 
- Administration, re local law to provide for the filling of vacancies in the Niagara Co Legislature 
- Administration, re withdrawal of certain parcels of property from In Rem Action – Treasurer 
*AD-004-04 - Administration, re sale of properties for the 2003 In Rem Proceeding - Treasurer 
AD-005-04 - Administration, re resolution to transfer remaining tobacco Capital Project funds to Tobacco Reserve 
AD-006-04 - Administration, re local law increasing the salary of the Treasurer 
*AD-007-04 - Administration, re County Treasurer annual mortgage tax retention fee - Treasurer 
AD-008-04 - Administration, re resolution authorizing the issuance of $2,320,200 serial bonds of the Co of Niagara, NY, to pay the cost of various Capital Projects of said County - Treasurer 
AD-009-04 - Administration, re resolution granting authority to act for Dept of Risk Management and allowing salary differentials – Human Resources 
AD-010-04 - Administration, re Finance Reform Policy 
AD-011-04 - Administration, re appointment – Director of Data Processing 
- Administration, re Niagara Co Data Processing Agreement with Niagara Co IDA 
AD-013-04 - Administration, re authorization for Real Property Tax refunds/corrections – 2004 
AD-014-04 - Administration, re refunding of dog licensing monies - Treasurer 
CS-001-04 - Community Services & Administration, re abolish, create & fill-Nursing positions – Health 
CS-002-04 - Community Services, re annual mortgage tax retention fee – Co Clerk 
CS-004-04 - Community Services & Administration, re budget modification – Mental Health 
CSS-002-04 - Community Safety/ Security & Administration, re create & fill two (2) Deputy Sheriff positions – Court Security – no County cost – Sheriff 
*CSS-003-04 - Community Safety/Security & Administration, re budget modification-appropriate VAWA Grant – Sheriff 
IL-001-04 - Leg Simonson, re plan to save Niagara Co residents 10-50% on prescription drugs 
IL-002-04 - Leg Aronow, re tentative proposal to amend health care coverage offered to Niagara Co Legislators 
IL-003-04 - Legs Smolinski & Needler, re emergency aid to Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum 
PW-001-04 -
 Public Works, re expenditure of Co Road Fund monies – DPW Highway 
*PW-002-04 - Public Works, re acceptance of contract for Haight Rd Bridge rehabilitation 
 Public Works, re acceptance of contract for Simms Rd Bridge rehabilitation 
*PW-004-04 - Public Works, re agreement between the State of NY Unified Court System & the Co of Niagara 
*PW-005-04 - Public Works, re acceptance of contract for roof replacement at Niagara Co Jail 
PW-006-04 - Public Works, re award contract for Consultation Services for Health Education Center at NCCC 
*PW-007-04 -
 Public Works, re revision of Snow & Ice Agreement 2001-2002 – DPW Highway 
*PW-008-04 - Public Works, re heavy hauling permit from the NYS Dept of Transportation – DPW Highway 
*PW-009-04 - Public Works, re application for active & inactive Records Management Grant – Public Works 
PW-010-04 - Public Works, re Cambria Nutrition Site, 3857 Eagle Dr., Sanborn, NY-acceptance of bid 
PW-011-04 - Public Works, re 2004 Environmental Monitoring contract for Niagara Co Refuse Disposal District 
* Indicates Preferred Agenda items
Attachments for resolutions may be obtained in the office of the Clerk of the Legislature upon request.

The next meeting of the Legislature will be held on February 17, 2004.