Niagara County - Niagara Falls

April 20, 2004

APRIL 20, 2004 – 7:00 P.M.

Resolutions not on previous agenda:

AD-023-04 - Administration, re first amendment to Medical Services Agreement. Approved

AD-024-04 - Administration & Economic Development, re resolution authorizing collection of overdue pilot payments of Hospitality Motels USA, Inc. (201 Rainbow Blvd., Niagara Falls, NY). Approved

IL-021-04 - Leg Updegrove, re Niagara County Sheriff’s Dept Substation. Ref Community Safety/ Security Comm. 

Regular Meeting – April 20, 2004 
CS-022-04 - Community Services & Administration, re reclassify job title from Bookkeeper to Account Clerical III – Youth Bureau 
CS-023-04 - Community Services, re Safe Places Grant Renewal for 2004 – Youth Bureau 
- Community Services, re prescription drug program – Social Services 
CSS-011-04 - Community Safety & Security, re acceptance of 2004 Local Emergency Management Performance Grant – Emergency Management 
CSS-012-04 - Community Safety & Security, re authorizing submission of application to the NYS Division of Probation & Correctional Alternatives for Alternatives to Incarceration Classification funding – Sheriff 
CSS-013-04 - Community Safety & Security, re Niagara Regional Traffic Safety Program – Sheriff 
CSS-015-04 - Community Safety & Security, re opposition to Executive Budget bill (Part A of S6057/A9557) Block Grants for State Aid to Localities for Local Juvenile Detention Costs – Sheriff 
IL-022-04 - Leg Lee Simonson & Administration, re adoption of a local law disclosing mandated Medicaid costs on County tax bills 
- Leg Lee Simonson, re Niagara Co requests federal Medicaid aid to New York be increased rather than decreased to protect property taxpayers and those being served 
IL-024-04 - Legs Cuddahee & Virtuoso, re emergency funding to the Niagara Arts Council, Inc 
IL-025-04 - Legs Andrews & Sklarski, re Kids Voting USA Western New York 
Attachments for resolutions may be obtained in the office of the Clerk of the Legislature upon request. 

The next meeting of the Legislature will be held on May 4, 2004.