Niagara County - Niagara Falls

November 5, 2003

NOVEMBER 5, 2003 – 7:00 P.M.


Resolutions not on previous agenda:

IL-068-03 - Legs Ward & Cole, re cross band repeater towers. Referred to Public Safety Comm. 
Regular Meeting – November 5, 2003
*CT-029-03 - Commerce, Tourism/Agriculture, re adoption of a local law setting a term of office for the Commissioner of Planing, Development & Tourism 
FN-041-03 - Finance, re resolution approving an increase & improvement of the facilities of Niagara Co Sewer Dist 

IL-068-03 - Legs Ward, Cole & Public Safety, re cross band repeater towers 
IL-069-03 -
 Legs Kimble, O’Connor & Virtuoso, re support for NF Memorial Medical Center’s Heart Center of Niagara 

IL-070-03-  Legs Erck & Needler, re support of petition drive calling for the Governor & State Legislature to reform the financing of the Medicaid Program 

*PS-051-03 - Public Safety & Finance, re line item transfer-inmate medical expenses – Sheriff 
*PS-052-03 - Public Safety & Finance, re accept federal revenue-SCAAP Program – Sheriff 
*PS-053-03 - Public Safety & Finance, re accept Traffic Safety Grant – Sheriff 

PS-054-03 - Public Safety, re acceptance of the Niagara Co Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan–Fire Coordinator 
*PS-055-03 - Public Safety & Finance, re Aid to Defense Program renewal 2003-2004 – Public Defender 
*PS-056-03 - Public Safety & Finance, re transfer funds in District Attorney’s budget 

* Indicates Preferred Agenda items
Attachments for resolutions may be obtained in the office of the Clerk of the Legislature upon request. 

The next meeting of the Legislature will be held on November 18, 2003