Niagara County - Niagara Falls

May 6, 2003

MAY 6, 2003 – 7:00 P.M.

Resolutions not on previous agenda:

FN-015-03 - Finance, Human Resources & Administration, re resolution to create Director of Office of Management & Budget. Approved.

PW-040-03 - Public Works, re award contract for non-residential capacity & non-capacity natural gas facilities in NYS Electric & Gas territory. Approved. 
Regular Meeting – May 6, 2003

CT-013-03 - Commerce, Tourism/Agriculture, Human Services, Human Resources & Finance, re Sportfishing agreement w/ Niagara Tourism & Convention Corp 
FN-020-03 - Finance, re fund Governmental Accounting Standards Board No. 34 implementation - Budget 
*FN-021-03 - Finance, re resolution calling a public hearing for the purpose of considering a proposed increase & improvement of facilities of the Niagara Co Water District 
*HR-009-03 - Human Resources, re summer hours – 2003 
*HR-010-03 - Human Resources, re alternate work schedule extension 2003-2004 
HR-011-03 - Human Resoruces, Administration & Finance, re resolution granting authority to act for Dept of Risk Management and allowing the Dir of Human Resources & First Asst Co Attorney a salary differential 
HR-012-03 - Human Resources, re resolution approving a stipulation of settlement between the Co of Niagara & AFSCME Local #182 regarding settlement of employee health care coverage 
- Human Resources, re resolution approving a certain “Comp” time agreement for the Parks Dept between the Co of Niagara & AFSCME Local #182 

R-014-03 - Human Resources & Finance, re resolution to revise Flat Salary Management and the Exempt Salary Schedules 
IL-033-03 - Leg Granieri, et al, Public Works & Finance, re proposal for funding of the NCCC Health Education Center 
IL-036-03 - Leg Simonson, re resolution calling upon the State & Federal Governments to implement strict penalties against “spam” abuse 
PK-002-03 - Parks/Environmental Services, Human Resources & Finance, re step increase for Commissioner – Niagara Co Parks & Recreation 
PK-003-03 - Parks/Environmental Services, Human Resources & Finance, re step increase for Golf Director-Niagara Co Golf Course 
*PS-025-03 - Public Safety & Finance, re forensic lab agreement with Orleans Co - Sheriff 
*PS-026-03 - Public Safety, re 20003 grant renewal-Niagara Community Services-Niagara TASC Services - Sheriff 
PS-027-03 - Public Safety & Finance, re tobacco funds-video arraignments – Sheriff 
PS-028-03 Public Safety, re resolution for Inter-Municipal Code Enforcement agreement 
PS-029-03 - Public Safety & Finance, re return of building permit fees 
*PW-041-03 - Public Works & Finance, re retention reduction-stage lighting/electrical improvements-NCCC 
PW-042-03 -
 Public Works, re NCCC Pool Building “H” consultant selection 
PW-043-03 -
 Public Works, re award of contract Daniels Rd Bridge rehabilitation 
PW-044-03 - Public Works, re award of contract Simms Rd Bridge rehabilitation 
PW-045-03 - Public Works & Finance, re rehabilitation of CR 19, Stone Rd, bridge over Eighteen Mile Creek, BIN 3329580, in the Town of Lockport, Niagara Co., PIN 5756.53 
PW-046-03 - Public Works, re award contract for roof replacement at Philo J. Brooks Co Office Bldg 
PW-047-03 - Public Works, re restoration of the NF & NT Fire Training Tower consultant selection 
*PW-048-03 - Public Works & Finance, re budget modification-highway maintenance – DPW 
PW-049-03 - Public Works & Finance, re Beebe Rd reconstruction project funding 

* Indicates Preferred Agenda items 
Attachments for resolutions may be obtained in the office of the Clerk of the Legislature upon request.

The next meeting of the Legislature will be held on May 20, 2003.