Niagara County - Niagara Falls

May 20, 2003

MAY 20, 2003 – 7:00 P.M.


Resolutions not on previous agenda:

AD-007-03-  Administration, Human Resources & Finance, re resolution by the County Legislature appointing Gregory D. Lewis, Niagara County Manager. Approved

IL-026-03 - Legs Bradley Erck, Kyle Andrews & Administration, re resolution to reduce the number of Niagara County Legislators. Approved 

Regular Meeting – May 20, 2003

CT-014-03 - Commerce, Tourism/Agriculture & Finance, re budget line item transfer – Tourism 
CT-015-03 - Commerce, Tourism/Agriculture & Finance, re acceptance of fishing promotion funds 
CT-016-03 - Commerce, Tourism/Agriculture, Human Resources & Finance, re recreate sportfishing promotion program 
  -Finance, re approving an increase and improvement of the facilities of the Niagara County Water Dist. 
HM-012-03 - Human Services, Human Resources & Finance, re abolish/create within Social Services Supervising Support Investigator to Principle Social Welfare Exeminer 
HM-013-03 - Human Services & Finance, re line item transfer – Social Services 
HM-014-03 - Human Services & Finance, re budget modification – Office for the Aging 
HM-015-03 - Human Services & Finance, re budget modification – Dale Association for the Ombudsman Program 
HS-019-03 -
 Health Services & Finance, re line item transfer – Aids Case Management – Health 
IL-030-03 - Leg Burmaster, et al & Commerce, Tourism/Agriculture, re request for NYS audit of the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency (NCIDA) 
IL-037-03 - Leg Kimble, Leg O’Connor et al, re support of Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center’s Expanded Emergency Department and Heart Center of Niagara 
PW-050-03 - Public Works, re award of contract Haight Road Bridge rehabilitation 
PW-051-03 - Public Works & Finance, re replacement of the Wheeler Road Bridge over East Branch Eighteen Mile Creek, BIN 3329670, in the Tn. of Hartland, Niagara County, PIN 5756.92 

Attachments for resolutions may be obtained in the office of the Clerk of the Legislature upon request. 

The next meeting of the Legislature will be held on June 3, 2003.