Niagara County - Niagara Falls

February 19, 2003

FEBRUARY 19, 2003 – 7:00 P.M.

Resolutions not on previous agenda:

IL-008-03 - Leg. Sklarski, re resolution in support of allowing members of the Liberal, Right to Life & Green parties to change their party affiliation during 2003 without a one year waiting period. Approved 
Regular Meeting – February 19, 2003

AD-002-03 - Administration & Finance, re line item transfer- advertising & promotion expense - Legislature 
CT-008-03 - Commerce, Tourism/Agriculture & Finance, re resolution amending the modified agreement with the Niagara Tourism & Convention Corp 
FN-010-03 - Finance & Human Resources, re job title reclassification – Audit 
 Human Services, Human Resources & Finance, re abolish/create position within Social Services SWE/Account Clerical I – Social Services 
HM-002-03 -
 Human Services, Human Resources & Finance, re reclassify position within Social Services Account Clerical II – Social Services 
HM-003-03 - Human Services, re RNT – route deviation 
HM-004-03 - Human Services, Human Resources & Finance, re create & fill temporary van driver position – Aging A6772 – Aging 
IL-009-03 - Legs Burmaster & Simonson, re Niagara Co requests Attorney General to enforce Environmental Conservation Law 
IL-010-03 - Legs Burmaster & Simonson, re Niagara Co requests a moratorium on any hazardous waste disposal permits until Hazardous Waste Siting Plan is prepared, reviewed and accepted 
IL-011-03 - Legs Burmaster & Simonson, re Niagara Co requests preparation of Home Rule Message to NYS for PCB Import Tax 
IL-012-03 - Leg Erck & Administration, re adoption of Local Law amending Local Law No. 5 for the year 1998 
IL-013-03 - Leg Virtuoso et al, re resolution in support of proposed US Senate Bill 201 
IL-014-03 - Leg Davignon, re official recognition of Collegiate Internship Program 
PS-002-03 - Public Safety & Finance, re budget modification-conduct youth tobacco compliance checks – Sheriff 
PS-003-03 - Public Safety & Finance, re abolish Deputy Sheriff Sergeant – create Deputy Sheriff 
PW-014-03 - Public Works, re award update of Access Control System 
PW-015-03 - Public Works, re replacement of Dale Rd Bridge over East Branch of Eighteenmile Creek, BIN 3329000, in the Town of Hartland, Niagara Co, PIN 5755.69 
PW-016-03 - Public Works & Finance, re tobacco appropriation for repair of the pre-cast panels at the Jail addition 


Attachments for resolutions may be obtained in the office of the Clerk of the Legislature upon request.

The next meeting of the Legislature will be held on March 4, 2003.