Niagara County - Niagara Falls

April 1, 2003

APRIL 1, 2003 – 7:00 P.M.

Resolutions not on previous agenda:

HR-007-03 - Human Resources & Finance, re create & fill part-time Confidential Secretary position-Human Resources. Approved 

Regular Meeting – April 1, 2003

AD-005-03 - Administration, Human Resources & Finance, re permission to create & fill Sr. Micro Computer Coordinator position – Data Processing 
AD-006-03 - Administration, re service agreement with NTCC and Data Processing 
FN-011-03 - Finance, re Real Property Tax Corrections/Cancellations No. COE-03A 
FN-013-03 - Finance, re 2003 Environmental Monitoring contract for Niagara Co Refuse Disposal District 
FN-014-03 - Finance & Human Resources, re budget transfer-creation of seasonal laborer positions – Refuse 
FN-015-03 - Finance, Administration & Human Resources, re resolution to create Director of Office of Management & Budget 
HR-008-03 -
 Human Resources & Finance, re Barker Central School Withdrawal Agreement, effective 1/1/02, from the Niagara Co. Mutual Self-Insurance Plan (Mu.S.I.P.) 
*HS-002-03 - Health Services & Finance, re acceptance of March of Dimes (HOPE) Grant – Health 
*HS-003-03 - Health Services & Finance, re budget modification-Special Education Grant – Health 
HS-004-03 -  Health Services, Human Resources & Finance, re abolish, create & fill position-Nursing – Health 
HS-005-03 -
 Health Services, Human Resources & Finance, re create & fill Nurse position- Public Health Nursing – Health 
HS-007-03 -  Health Services, Human Resources & Finance, re create & fill per diem Clerical I position-Environmental Health – Health 
*HS-008-03 -  Health Services & Finance, re line item transfer-Immunization Grant – Health 
*HS-009-03 -  Health Services & Finance, re line item transfer-Lead Poison Prevention Grant - Health 
*HS-010-03 -  Health Services & Finance, re transfer of telephone equipment- AIDS Case Management – Health 
HS-015-03 - Health Services, Human Resources & Finance, re create & fill two part-time Seamstress positions – Mt. View 
IL-029-03 -  Leg Apolito, re support of our troops and their families 
PS-015-03 - Public Safety, re equitable & dedicated share of the NYS Wireless Surcharge - Sheriff 
*PS-016-03 - Public Safety & Finance, re Forensic Lab Grant - DNA- Sheriff 
*PS-017-03 - Public Safety, re renew VAWA Grant – Sheriff 
*PS-018-03 - Public Safety, re Niagara Regional Traffic Safety Program – Sheriff 
PS-020-03 -  Public Safety & Finance, re reimbursement for health care cost for Department Head – Public Defender 
PW-028-03 - Public Works & Finance, re replacement of the Daniels Rd. Bridge over the East Branch of Twelvemile Creek, BIN 3329010, in the Town of Wilson, Niagara Co. PIN 5755.93 
PW-029-03 - Public Works & Finance, re transfer of funds for pavement & parking lots 
PW-030-03 -  Public Works & Finance, re transfer of funds-tobacco settlement appropriations 
PW-031-03 - Public Works, re Beebe Rd consultant selection 
PW-032-03 -  Public Works, re award of contract Robinson Rd. Bridge Rehabilitation 
PW-033-03 -  Public Works & Finance, re repair of Metal Roof System of mechanical penthouses-Niagara Co Jail location 

* Indicates Preferred Agenda items 
Attachments for resolutions may be obtained in the office of the Clerk of the Legislature upon request.

The next meeting of the Legislature will be held on April 15, 2003.