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Date: October 23, 2019
Time:  8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. 

LOCATION:  The Conference & Event Center Niagara Falls, 101 Falls Street, Niagara Falls, NY 14303

Classroom Presentations

10:00 AM

Room:  Porter/DeVeaux


Booth # 3

Title: Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Tabletop Exercise - Cyberstone Security

Presenter:  John D. Flory III, VP/Partner, Carl Benevento, Channel Manager and Bruce Cheney, Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst

Bio:  John D. Flory III recognized cyber security expert will be sharing his insight and experience in the realm of physical, social and cyber security concepts. During John's 26 year tenure in the security field he has spoken at numerous conferences including key notes at the Symantec Global conference, New York State School Boards Association, New York Bankers conference, New York Tech Summit, New York State Department of Homeland Security forum and several other diverse venues. John's hands on security experience dealing with real time cyber security attacks and remediation offers a valuable resource to organizations cyber preparation.  John's leading edge approach has allowed him to help create human firewalls as one of the key pillars of defense.

Summary: In this presentation we will take you through a socially engineered Phishing attack on a regulated business in Upstate NY. We will examine:

  • Social engineering techniques.
  • The immediate effects of the attack on the business.
  • The overall consequences of the attack due to the lack of not having an adhered to Backup Disaster and Recovery Plan.
  • Examine the differences between backup and disaster recovery from a network and policy perspective.

10:00 AM

Room:  Red Jacket


Booth # 24

Title:   Hyperconvergence (HCI) What is it and Planning for it - Tri-Delta Resources/DataCore

Presenter:  Jeff Grant, VP of Tri-Delta Resources/DataCore

Bio:  Jeff Grant, VP Virtualization and Storage Products, Tri-Delta Resources Corp., has been implementing these solutions for 25 years.  Extensive experience with VMWare VSAN, EMC VXRail, VSA and Datacore Software Defined Storage.

Summary:  This discussion will cover Hyperconverged data centers, the evolution of HCI and key deployment concerns and why it is relevant today.

The current market size for HCI is $4.1B and is growing at the rate of 57% per year compared to standard data center infrastructure which is $6.4B and has dropped 8.4% year over year as of the 4th qtr 2018.  By 2023, the HCI market will be $17.1B.  In this discussion, you will learn what all the fuss is about and how this technology is transforming data centers today.

10:00 AM

Room:  Cataract


Booth # 1

Title: Profiling of a Modern APT - The Persistence of Nation States - Cybereason

Presenter:   Jacob Berry, Sr. Principal Incident Response Specialist

Bio:   Jacob Berry, Cybereason's Sr. Principal Incident Response Specialist, has been working in Security Operations for over 5 years. With a degree in Computer Security and information Security from Norwich University Jacob spent many years as a senior consultant for security operations and incident response for SecureWorks. 


In this presentation we will be examining the recently discovered, Operation Soft Cell, an advanced attack targeting several global telecommunications providers. Using the case study we will help you understand:

• How Operation Soft Cell was carried out

• The difference between Indicators of Behavior & Indicators of Compromise

• How to use both Proactive Hunting and Historical Hunting to determine the true implications of an APT in your environment

11:00 AM

Room:  Red Jacket


Booth # 24

Title:  Securing Your Applications in a Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environment - Tri-Delta/Citrix

Presenters:  John Rekemeyer, Principal System Engineer and Paul Dzierwinski, Sr. Sales Engineer - Tri-Delta Resources/Citrix

Bios:  John Rekemeyer has been with Cirtrix since 2006 as a Principal Network Engineer focused on secure application delivery (ADC) and SDWAN.  Recently he has been focused on helping customers deliver applications in the exploding Cloud Native Networking space.  With 30+ years in the network industry, he has helped many customers take advantage of leading technology trends to solve difficult business problems across a diverse customer base.

Paul Dzierwinski - a longtime customer, Paul joined Citrix in 2015 as a Core Sales Engineer.  Today, he focuses on assisting customers to solve business challenges surrounding securing the workspace while providing the best possible user and administrative experience possible.  During a nearly 30 year career in technology, Paul mosst recently managed a large hospital infrastructure, spent years as a consultant, and proudly served in the USMC.

Summary:  When building a hybrid, multi-cloud app delivery strategy, you need to deliver the best application experience across any network or cloud while keeping apps and APIs secure.  You must also achieve automation and visilibity across environments and both traditional and cloud native applications, without being locked into a single cloud provider.