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Date:  October 23, 2019    Time:  8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Location:  The Conference & Event Center Niagara Falls, 101 Old Falls Street, Niagara Falls, NY 14303

  Educational Speakers

Cascades Ballroom

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Organization Speaker Presentation



9:00 AM

Cascades A


Securing Your Database with Blockchain

Miles Roty, VP of Services & Support
Craig Drabik - Technical Lead
In this presentation, we will discuss some ways in which DLT/Blockchain technology can be applied to secure and validate the integrity of databases. This presentation will cover basic cryptography utilized in DLT/Blockchain, explore the platform advantages, and show how the technology secures sample business application data in a live demo. 
Q/A Booth # 29

9:00 AM

Cascades B

Misinformation Spreading, Detecting and Debunking During Disasters

Esther Jose, Senior Undergraduate Research Assistant

Increasingly, social media has been used as a platform for providing timely crisis communication during a disaster. Unfortunately, rumor spreading, and in particular, rumors that are later proven to be untrue, have been identified as critical issues for the use of social media during disasters. The objective of this project is to model and optimize the decision-making processes of misinformed social media users during disasters, to study effective rumor detection strategies, and to design and analyze rumor spreading and debunking models for social media users during disasters.

Q/A Booth # 12


10:00 AM

Cascades A

Moving Beyond Communication and Discovering Connection is Key!

Kevin M. Coleman

In the workshop, Moving Beyond Communication and Discovering Connection is Key!, the audience will learn how to move beyond communication and move toward connecting with leaders, peers, subordinates and the general public.  In addition, the attendees will understand the importance of knowing the following: 

> Finding Common Ground
> How to do the of difficult work of keeping communication simple
> How to Inspire People through connection
> How to live what they communicate
> How to propel their team, businesses, and career through the power of connection

Q/A Booth # 22


10:00 AM

Cascades B

Presenting Cybersecurity to The Board and C-Suite Like a Pro

Help top execs understand why cybersecurity is critical to the business


Michael Montagliano, Chief Technology Officer

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Disaster Recovery Planner (CDRP), Master Business Continuity Institute (MBCI), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)


When the request comes in to give a cybersecurity presentation to the board, IT and security leaders should jump at the chance to educate the executives. However, a lengthy, in-depth presentation of dashboards and heat maps is more likely to leave top executives scratching their heads rather than directing resources the right way. Now more than ever, it is up to a company’s IT or Security leadership to lay out the threat landscape in a way that is easily accessible with actionable information to ensure the organization is making cost-effective decisions regarding its handling of cyber risks.

Hear from industry expert Michael Montagliano who has advised dozens of organizations, including publicly traded companies and nationally recognized higher ed institutions, on what and how to effectively report cybersecurity to top execs.


Q/A Booth # 5


1:00 PM

Cascades A

Managing Identities is Critical to Your Cyber Program

Rebecca Archambault, Trusted Identities Leader

In Cyber Security, identity is suddenly more important than ever before. Why? Because how the business operates has fundamentally changed.  Many organizations are undergoing mass digital transformation including Cloud computing, Mobile, IoT, etc.  The workforce is now largely remote, requiring strong identity proofing practices. Beyond the workforce, the scope of identity is also changing.  Customers and Business partner identities also need to be carefully managed, as they now expect to engage in more high risk, high value transactions from any device and any location. Breaches often target weaknesses in Identity systems, so it is important that Identity is owned and operated by a function that is motivated by risk.  Join us if you want to understand more about the importance of Identity, and why it needs to be the focus of your Cyber Program.


1:00 PM

Cascades B

Third Party Vendor Management:  Some Best Practices and Legal Considerations

Daniel P. Greene, Esq. Certified Information Privacy Professional, Europe (CIPP/E)

Sarah Rugnetta, Health Care Privacy Attorney

Highly regulated industries such as financial institutions and health care organizations generally invest in robust cybersecurity programs to help ensure compliance with complex and changing regulations.  But did you know that vendors who hold or have access to sensitive data on behalf of these entities must also implement comprehensive cybersecurity programs?  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has imposed many of its data protection requirements on third party vendors for years.  More recently, in March 2019, New York expanded the reach of the DFS Cybersecurity Regulation (22 NYCRR 500) to require many third party vendors working with banks and insurers to implement data protection safeguards.  Small to medium sized vendors – ranging from technology firms, to accountants, cloud service providers and attorneys -- often find themselves in unfamiliar territory when asked to complete IT questionnaires, implement new policies, conduct periodic audits, or report security incidents.  Dan Greene, Esq., CIPP/E and Sarah Rugnetta, Esq., attorneys from Beckage PLLC, will provide a general overview of legal compliance considerations and best practices for covered entities and third-party vendors working with health entities, insurers and banks.  


2:00 PM

Cascades A

Changing the Mindset - Building a Cybersecurity Culture at Work

Felix Hernandez - PMP, CISM, ITIL

Engaging and thought provoking presentation designed to spark discussions around the cyber threats facing information security assets in the work place.  Includes a step by step demo of a credential harvesting attack.

Takeaway Discussed:
Understand your cyber landscape;
Damage caused by cyber threats;
Improve your ability to safeguard your organization;
Engage your employees and team members; Importance of cyber security awareness

The result of the presentation is to change the mindset of an organization's culture, so they embrace cybersecurity as being everyone's responsibility.

Q/A Booth # 7

FBI - Buffalo


2:00 PM

Cascades B

 The FBI Perspective:  The Cyber Threatscape