Service Agencies and Programs

Niagara County Department of Mental Health provides funding to the following contract agencies: 

BestSelf Behavioral Health                                                             716-884-0888

Cazenovia Recovery Systems                                                        716-852-4331

Community Missions Inc.                                                              716-285-3403

Dale Association                                                                           716-433-1937

Empower                                                                                        716-297-0798

Living Opportunities of Depaul                                                        716-873-5253

Mental Health Association in Niagara County                                  716-433-3780

New Directions Youth & Family Services                                         716-433-4487

Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center                                          716-278-4000

Northpointe Council                                                                       716-282-8110

Pinnacle Community Services                                                       716-285-6984

Spectrum Health & Human Services                                               716-278-9640

WNY Independent Living – Independent Living Niagara County     716-284-4131

For additional information on other services and supports available to individuals in Niagara County, please click on the links below.

Niagara County Resource Listing

Niagara County Adult Mental Health & Substance Abuse Provider Resource Card

Niagara County Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Substance Abuse Resource Card

Housing / Residential Programs and Points of Contact in Niagara County

Rise Above the Occasion Campaign providing information on mental health and substance abuse services in the Niagara County community. Read the press release here.