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The well-being of our Niagara County veterans, especially those newly returning from duty can and should be a priority for Niagara County residents. That is why we are inviting you to be a part of a very important initiative that is taking place throughout Niagara County, the “THANK A VET” Discount Program.

The program is a way for our county to recognize the service and sacrifices made by our returning veterans. Under the “THANK A VET” Discount Program, eligible veterans will receive a photo I.D. card, identifying them as an honorably discharged veteran. Participating county merchants will agree to honor the card by providing holders with a discount on purchases or services. Involvement in the program is beneficial to businesses that will undoubtedly realize increased traffic and sales. Each merchant’s name, logo, address and discount particulars will be displayed on the Niagara County website. Additionally, each participating business will receive a decal to proudly show their support of our Niagara County veterans.

We hope you will consider becoming a participant.

Please join us in demonstrating our sincere appreciation and support for the efforts of those who keep us safe and fight for our freedom!

THANK A VET” Discount Program Merchant Application PDf