Niagara County plans to host three informational workshops.
Let us know if you'd like to attend.


Local Government and Building Inspector Forum:

This forum will introduce local leaders to Niagara County's local law, including goals and objectives. Communication between the County and local governments will be essential as projects are planned in your community.

DATE: To be determined (anticipating late June)

LOCATION: Warren J. Rathke Public Safety and Training Facility; 5574 Niagara St. Extension

Informational Session for Installers and Retailers:

Niagara County will host a virtual presentation of the local Law and the impacts to retailer and installers, provide an update on panel manufacturer approved plans and answer questions from attendees.

DATE: To be determined (anticipating late July)

LOCATION: WebEx Virtual Meeting

Informational Session for Residents:

Niagara County will host a question and answer session after a brief presentation about the goals, objectives and developing opportunities to safely manage solar panels at their end of useful life.

DATE: To be determined (anticipating September)


Let’s Work Together

Please let us know if you would like to sign up for notifications or for one of our three anticipated events.