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Children's Services

Telephone Hours: 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.  (716) 278-8667

There is a wide array of services available to address the needs of the children of the county and their related concerns.

The Adoption unit provides for any child freed for adoption either through surrender or termination of parental rights. Caseworkers complete home studies, certify potential adoptive homes, and monitor and supervise placements.

Foster Home Finding caseworkers actively recruit households to be used as certified foster care homes through assessments, training, and continual monitoring.

Generally referred to as “Child Welfare,” the Undercare unit handles coordination of services for children under 18 years who are the subject of a Family Court order as the result of a PINS, Neglect or JD action. These children may be placed in foster homes, institutions or may remain at home. The Intake unit processes applications for requests for these types of services.

Preventive caseworkers attempt to circumvent problems with children so they can remain in their homes by working with families via a court order or voluntary basis.

New York State Office of Child & Family Services