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In Case of Emergency

"We interrupt this programming for a test of the Emergency Alert System.
This is only a test.
If this were a real emergency, you would..."

In the event of an actual emergency, you would hear or see the message of the Emergency Alert System broadcasted on the TV, radio, newspaper or this web site.  You may be directed to go to a public health emergency medication point of distribution (POD).  If so you would be directed to the nearest site, and you should bring the following with you:

  • photo identification
  • Your address and emergency contact phone number
  • Names and ages of all household members
  • Weights of all persons in your household under 100 pounds
  • File of Life for each family member
  • Medical allergies of all persons
  • Current Medications
  • Known medical conditions, including

Write down this information now, and update it often, so you will have it if needed.

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