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Niagara Family Resources Partnership

Who knows their children best? Parents and caregivers do, that’s who!!

Welcome to the Niagara Family Resource Partnership

Our Mission is to empower and encourage families to make informed decisions to achieve positive outcomes for their child/children.

The Niagara County DOH Children with Special Needs Division has initiated a parent driven program: The Niagara Family Resource Partnership (NFRP).  This program will assist in identifying and filling in gaps found in the special needs community, as well as support the families with various informational workshops, support groups, peer program and referral services.  

Parent Leaders have been appointed to coordinate the program; these are highly motivated, caring and well informed parents that are dedicating their time to create and nurture an environment of mutual respect and understanding for families.  Their mission is to empower and encourage families to make informed decisions to achieve positive outcomes for their child or children.  The NFRP goals are to guide, inform and educate by using a comfortable, simplified and understanding approach. In addition, they may assist the schools and community agencies in reaching out to families to help bridge the gap of communication to achieve a better quality of life for their child/children.

The Parent Network of WNY and The WNY Parent To Parent programs are in support of this program and are assisting with the development and its continued success.  The NFRP has also created an advisory council to provide the parents leaders the additional support they may need. The council consists of numerous community agencies and school district representatives that work directly with the special needs community.

The Niagara Family Resource Partnership (NFRP) is your connection to find the information you need to help your family have a better quality of life!

From the NFRP Parent Leaders:
“We have walked your walk; we are in tune to the path you are on right now. We recognize the many unique communities found within Niagara County and that they all have their own diversified needs and supports.  Many areas of need are similar but the approach to solving them is different.  Our intent is to offer a regionalized support system that addresses the special health care needs of families in each of these communities.”

Help is just a phone call away!!

If you have any questions or are looking for help to assist your child and/or family, please call – 716-278-8194.  You will then be connected with the Parent Leader Coordinator who best fits your concern.

The Services Provided are:

Resource Hub:

Parent Leader Coordinators (PLC) will have a resource reference guide to address questions that families may have. 


*School related questions                                          *Pediatricians

*Childcare/Respite                                                     *Agencies available

*Understanding your child’s diagnosis                       *Transportation issues

* And more….


A committee will be in place to research, do set up, advertise, and address other issues that may result in putting on a workshop or educational meeting for your community or the county as a whole; Parent Network of WNY will assist with this.

Peer Program:

This program will link parents with other parents that have children with similar diagnoses and behaviors.   Parents involved in this program will be trained to assist and counsel other parents and if necessary assist with follow through issues if necessary (for example, filling out paperwork and sending it in, making necessary phone calls, and more). Parent to Parent of WNY will assist with these.


Assisting other parents with the transition process – whether it is from the Early Intervention Program (EIP) to Committee on Pre-School Education (CPSE), CPSE to Committee on Special Education (CSE), CSE to middle school (MS), MS to high school (HS), HS to college or living on their own.  Information will be available for easing the transition at any age.

Support Groups:

As trained support group facilitators, PLC can assist with starting support groups in your community, if found to be needed. PLCs will have a support group reference guide to assist parents in need find the group(s) that best meets their needs. All support groups existing and newly developed will be open to all county residents and not community specific.

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