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Beach & Lakes Water Testing

The Niagara County Department of Health test beaches and bathing areas within Niagara County weekly throughout the summer to determine if the water quality can cause a health risk.

Testing is also performed at several other locations along the Lake to monitor water quality and that information may be helpful to residents along the Lake, boaters and the recreational community.

Testing Result will determine whether a swimming area will remain open or designated as Unsafe to to swim or Beach Closed.

Results will be posted on this website.  Check back weekly for updates.



Beach is open for swimming.

Unsafe to Swim

It is unsafe to swim, but the beach remains open.

Beach Closed

Beach is closed to the public. 

No access to the beach, sand or swimming.

Beaches are posted unsafe to swim or closed when water tests show unacceptable levels of E. Coli bacteria present.

The beach may also be unsafe because of floating debris, oil, excessive weed growth, bad odors and general turbidity.

Swimming in these waters could cause infections of the ear, eye, nose throat and skin as well as cause diarrhea if the water is ingested.

Current Beach Status: (Last update 10/08/2015)  

Check with the beach owner for current conditions.

Lake Ontario Beaches:

Current Weather


Camp Kenan Beach


8571 Lower Lake Road Barker, NY



Olcott Beach


6108 Lake Road

Olcott, NY



Wilson Tuscarora State Park


West Lake Road

Wilson NY

Lake Ontario beaches may also be closed by the owner due to reason's other then those listed above.

Inland Lake Beaches:

Current Weather


Hartland Cove Campground


2383 Hartland Road

Gasport, NY


Niagara County Camping Resort


7369 Wheeler Road

Lockport, NY


Niagara Lazy Lakes Campground


4312 Church Road

Lockport, NY

Campground beaches may also be closed by the owner due to reason's other then those listed above.

These beaches are part of the camping experience and are restricted to campers.

Other Lake Ontario testing locations:

Current Weather



Completed for 2015


Fort Niagara State Park


1 Maintenance Ave

Youngstown, NY



Completed for 2015


Four Mile Creek State Park


Lake Road

Porter, NY



Completed for 2015


Lighthouse Christian Camp


9575 Somerset Drive

Barker, NY




for 2015



Porter On the Lake Town Park


Dietz Road

Youngstown, NY

We are testing for E Coli (Escherichia coli) bacteria, once a week, at both a shallow depth and a deep depth at each site. The standard for E. coli is 235 E.coli per 100ml of freshwater for a single sample and 126 E.coli per 100ml of freshwater as a logarithmic mean of all samples over a 30 day period. The bathing beach standards are covered in Part 6 of the NYS/Niagara County Sanitary Code and include a whole host of requirement besides water quality. The website for the code is: Health NY Gov

Additional Information:

Sun Safety:

Unintentional Drowning:

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