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Niagara County's Hazard Mitigation Plan Review


The public review period for the draft version of Niagara County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan  is now open until November 25, 2014.  All Niagara County residents are invited to comment. The comment form  must be complete and legible and should contain the page number, line number and graphic number if appropriate followed by a comment/note. All forms must be sent to Karen Thompson no later than November 25, 2014 to be considered.

1800 Announcements

  • The next Fire Police Board of Directors meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 29th at Wrights Corners Fire hall at 1900 hrs.
  • A new class has been added to the training schedule: “Biological Terrorism: An Overview of the Threat Training” While this is a terrorism related course the fundamentals are the same for a naturally occurring outbreak.  Please fax your applications to 438-3173.


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