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State Will Cut Fisk/Feigle Speeds

DOT Greenlights Nemi’s Request for 10 mph Reduction

Author: Anonym/Wednesday, November 9, 2016/Categories: General

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State Will Cut Fisk/Feigle Speeds

DOT Greenlights Nemi’s Request for 10 mph Reduction

Pendleton—State Department of Transportation officials will cut the speed limit on a stretch of road in the Town of Pendleton after concluding a traffic study initiated at the request of County Legislator Tony Nemi, R-Lockport.

News of the DOT’s decision to lower speed limits on Fisk and Feigle Roads from 55 to 45 miles per hour came in a letter Nemi received Monday from DOT Regional Director Frank P. Cirillo.

“Based on the data we have collected and our speed zone evaluation criteria, we will establish a 45 [mile per hour] speed limit for Fisk Road from Bear Ridge Road to Route 78 (Transit Road) and a 45 [mile per hour] speed limit for Feigle Road from Route 270 (Campbell Boulevard) to Bear Ridge Road,” Cirillo wrote to Nemi.

Nemi said he was pleased with how reactive state officials were in the matter, noting that Cirillo, Regional Traffic Engineer Thomas S. Messana, and Sen. Robert G. Ortt had all made concerns he and Pendleton town officials raised a priority.

“I appreciate the state moving so quickly on this,” Nemi said, noting he had first raised the issue with DOT leadership in a June 7 letter. “Sen. Ortt and the DOT looked at our residents’ concerns and took them seriously, and they implemented the solution we requested.”

Nemi said the issue was brought to him by Pendleton Highway Superintendent Jeff Stowell and Chief Deputy Steven Preisch of the Sheriff’s Office.

“The road in question is narrow and bordered by deep, steep ditches. Because there are flat, open fields along the sides, it often can get icy in wintertime,” Nemi noted. “That’s dangerous enough, but you add in that it connects three busy highways—Transit, Bear Ridge, and Campbell Boulevard—and that Pendleton is home to a rapidly-growing population, and there were just too many red flags being raised for this road to continue to be 55 miles an hour.”

Nemi noted that the county had repaved part of Feigle Road earlier in the year to improve the road surface, but even that left the road faster than many similar neighboring roads.

“Ultimately, we found locally that the best solution, beyond possible eventual widening of the road, is to set a more prudent speed limit,” Nemi said. “We’re glad the state embraced our recommendations.”

Speed limits on the road can now be lowered as soon as town officials place new speed zone signs.


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