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Rodent Control Tips

Author: SuperUser Account/Monday, August 19, 2013/Categories: General

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Rodent Control Tips

The Niagara County Department of Health Environmental Division has been working over the past few weeks with the City of Niagara Falls in cooperation with Covanta to investigate a rodent issue in the neighborhood around Buffalo and Stephenson Avenues in the city.  Environmental Health personnel have gone door to door throughout the neighborhood to provide educational information on rodents and rodent control.  The Environmental Health officers have also conducted selective investigative baiting on a limited basis.   Environmental Health Director, Mr. James Devald stresses, “If you eliminate a rat's food, water and shelter, you will help eliminate the root of the rat problem.” He further notes, “There are several issues that the public needs to be aware of that will assist in control of this problem,” and emphasizes the following points and recommendations for actions the public can take:

You can eliminate a rat's source of food and water:
• Store garbage in cans with tight fitting lids
• Remove uneaten pet food and store food in rat proof containers
• Clean up pet droppings on and around your property daily
• Use rat proof bird feeders and clean up any fallen seed daily or discontinue all feeding if you see rats
• Do not place food for squirrels, birds and ducks or any other wildlife on the ground
• Remove sources of water

You can eliminate a rat's shelter and harborage: 
• Keep yards trash free and clean areas behind wooden steps, under decks or any other sites that may provide shelter
• Cut down high grass and weeds
• Pile wood and other storage materials away from walls and at least 18 inches above the ground
• Make sure windows and doors close tightly and place heavy screening on all basement windows
• Seal any exterior holes in your home's foundation and walls
• Fasten floor drains to keep rats from entering through sewers

“The Niagara County Department of Health Environmental Division and the City, in cooperation with Covanta, are continuing our investigation, and with the help of the neighborhood, we will address the control and elimination of rodents in this area together,” states Mr. Devald.  Any questions can be directed to Scott Ecker, Associate Supervising Public Health Sanitarian with the Environmental Health Division at (716) 439-7444.


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