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Pistol Recertification Takes Center Stage in Hartland: Jastrzemski Takes Facts on Unpopular SAFE Act Mandate to Gun Owners in Eastern Niagara County

Author: Anonym/Monday, November 27, 2017/Categories: General

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GASPORT—County Clerk Joseph A. Jastrzemski has met with more than 500 gun owners with questions about the pistol permit recertification requirement in the controversial NY SAFE Act around the county since late October—and he says his efforts will continue to ramp up until the requirement’s Jan. 31 deadline.


This Wednesday, he will join Niagara County Legislator Michael A. Hill, R-Middleport, at Hartland Town Hall, 8942 Ridge Road, Gasport, to discuss the controversial measure and steps gun owners need to take to comply with the mandate. The New York State Police have already indicated that failure to comply will lead to revocation of pistol permits.


Wednesday’s town hall meeting will begin at 7 p.m.


“Every time we meet, there are surprising new questions and very unique circumstances impacting individuals that show up,” Jastrzemski said. “Their Second Amendment rights shouldn’t be put in jeopardy by this burden that the state has placed on them, and we want to help them navigate the new paperwork so that doesn’t happen.”

County Legislator Michael A. Hill, R-Middleport, and Town Supervisor Ross Annable, R-Hartland,
are hosting County Clerk Joseph A. Jastrzemski at Hartland Town Hall, 8942 Ridge Road,
Wednesday at 7 p.m., as the Clerk continues his blitz through the county discussing
steps local gun owners need to take to
remain compliant with the pistol permit "recertification"
requirement in Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's
unpopular SAFE Act gun-control law. Jastrzemski
has met with more than 500 gun owners to date at similar town hall events around Niagara County.

Jastrzemski has held four previous town hall meetings in Lewiston, Lockport, North Tonawanda, and the Town of Niagara, where he’s been joined by county lawmakers, local officials, and experienced representatives from the county’s Pistol Permit Office.

“We have been diving deep into materials circulating about this requirement, and are doing our absolute best to answer every question that comes up—and some of them are very unique,” Jastrzemski said. “This law is flawed to its core, and we just want our law-abiding gun-owners to not end up on the wrong side of the law because of bureaucratic requirements.”

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s 2013 gun control law mandated pistol permit “recertification” on a five-year basis. The permits, issued for the life of the holder in most jurisdictions, now need to be “recertified” with the New York State Police by a Jan. 31, 2018 compliance deadline.

Hill, who contacted Jastrzemski to request a meeting be held in the eastern part of the county, said he hopes the town hall helps his fellow gun owners.

“The SAFE Act is a perfect example of how not to legislate policy, but right now we have to help our gun owners find their way through these requirements so they can continue to protect their families and their homes,” Hill said. “All any of us can do right now is take the necessary steps to protect our pistol permits. Anyone who has questions about how to proceed should come out to town hall on Wednesday.”

The meeting is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be provided.

Additional meetings are being planned for other sites around the county. Details will be announced at a later date.


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