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County Releases Road Repairs List

New Highways Head Launches Aggressive Maintenance Schedule

Author: Anonym/Tuesday, June 14, 2016/Categories: General

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Lockport—Niagara County’s newly appointed Highways czar spent several hours late last week briefing county leaders about the county’s $1.6 million 2016 road repair plan, before releasing the document to the public.

The plan, termed “comprehensive” by Deputy Commissioner of Public Works for Highways Dean Lapp, includes more than 31 miles of resurfacing on 15 county roads and more than 40 miles of crack repairs on 14 highways, as well as shoulder repair work set for eight county roads.

Lapp, who started in the Highways post two weeks ago, met for two hours with County Manager Rick Updegrove and County Legislature Infrastructure & Facilities Committee Chairman John Syracuse, R-Newfane, briefing them on road repairs and paving plans. The trio then undertook a tour of several project sites, observing the road repair effort in action.

“We have great confidence in Dean’s plan, and know he’s undertaking some changes to work flow to get better results for our taxpayers,” Syracuse said during a work site visit on Feigle Road in Pendleton. “Public Works looked at which county roads are most in need of repairs and improvements, and this plan really prioritizes some roads that needed attention.”

Updegrove noted that he and Lapp had already spoken at length about focusing on roads that had been the source of complaints from residents and motorists, and ensuring the Highway Department was responsive to taxpayer concerns.

“Mr. Lapp’s vision is in line with the Legislature’s, and we can expect our roads to be repaired on an aggressive timetable,” Updegrove said. “I also will note that the Highway Department is committed to results and timely responses to concerns voiced by county residents.”

Following the meeting, Lapp urged residents with concerns about drainage issues to contact the Highway Department at 439-7360.

“If residents are encountering drainage issues right now, we want to know about it so we can remedy it,” Lapp said.

The Highway Department’s 2016 road repair plan is as follows:

 Road Resurfacing:

·   Robinson Road, from Route 93 to the Erie Canal bridge, Lockport

·   Old Tonawanda Creek Road, from Plank Road to Rapids Road, Lockport

·   Rapids Road, from the Goodrich Road Bridge to Wisterman Road, Lockport

·   North Canal Road, from Day Road to Harrington Road, Lockport

·   Hess Road, from Dale Road to Drake Settlement Road, Newfane

·   Bear Ridge Road/Tonawanda Creek Road spurs at Tonawanda Creek bridge, Pendleton

·   Lockport Avenue, from Pendleton-Wheatfield Townline Road to North Tonawanda city line, Pendleton

·   Tonawanda Creek Road, from Old Tonawanda Creek Road to Campbell Blvd., Pendleton

·   Balmer Road, from Route 18 to Ransomville Road, Porter

·   Porter Center Road, from Route 18 to Swan Road, Porter

·   Stone Road, from Middleport village line to Route 104, Royalton

·   Orangeport Road, from the 4200s to Route 104, Royalton

·   Griswold Street, from Route 77 to Graham Road, Royalton

·   Quaker Road, from Route 18 to Lower Lake Road, Somerset

·   Wilson-Burt Road, from Wilson village line for 1.5 miles, Wilson

Shoulder Resurfacing:

·   Comstock Road, from Lockport Road to Route 31, Cambria

·   Upper Mountain Road, from Military Road to Tuscarora Reservation west line, Lewiston

·   Stone Road, from Sunset Drive to Purdy Road bridge, Lockport

·   Sunset Drive, from Stone Road to Upper Mountain Road, Lockport

·   Bear Ridge Road, from Feigle Road to Lockport city line, Lockport and Pendleton

·   Gasport Road, from Route 77 to Bunker Hill Road, Royalton

·   Pendleton-Wheatfield Townline Road, from Crescent Drive to Loveland Road, Wheatfield

·   Nash Road, from Lockport Road to Steig Road, Wheatfield

Crack Filling:

·   Stone Road, from Middleport Erie Canal bridge to Route 104, Hartland

·   Upper Mountain Road, from Tuscarora Reservation to Military Road, Lewiston

·   Raymond and Rapids roads, from Route 93 to Tonawanda Creek Road, Lockport

·   Stone Road, from Johnson Road to Route 104, Lockport

·   Tonawanda Creek Road, from Transit Road to Minnick Road, Lockport

·   Hess Road, from Dale Road to Lake Road, Newfane

·   Charlotteville Road, from Transit Road to Hess Road, Newfane

·   Lockport Road, from Miller Road to Military Road, Niagara

·   Lockport Road, from Packard Road to Wendt Drive, Niagara

·   Packard Road, from Haseley Drive to Porter Road, Niagara

·   Balmer Road, from Ransomville Road to Route 18, Porter

·   Porter Center Road, from Lake Road to Swan Road, Porter

·   Griswold Street, from Graham Road to Route 77, Royalton

·   Royalton Center Road, from Griswold Street to Haseley Road, Royalton


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